About Cristina

Cristina is an independent researcher based in Rotterdam. Currently she works as an embedded researcher for the Amsterdam Hackable Metropolis project, a collaboration of the University of Amsterdam, the Mobile City and One Architecture. Graduated on Architecture from AUTH, Cristina holds a Master of Urbanism from TU Delft. She has worked for several architecture offices in the Netherlands, including MAKS, Barcode Architects, OMA and the Powerhouse Company and has been a collaborator of Play the City! Foundation and the Architecture Film Festival of Rotterdam. Her personal research evolves around themes of informal appropriation of spaces, participation and urban complexity. She is interested in the failure of representative democracy and the changing authorities in city planning, the emergence of collectivities on a local level and their influence by social media. Her goal is to discover how architects, designers and urban planners can redefine their role in a socially responsible city making process. She collaborated with artist Giuseppe Licari on the projects Mental Charlois and Swinging the Lamp and she curated the program of public events for Licari’s installation Public Room. Cristina has been a guest teacher for the Urban Body studio in TU Delft and is a regular contributor in Uncube and Bettery magazines. She is also a founding member of Beforelight, an artists’ collective working exclusively on lighting design and installations. Cristina is always open to new ideas and collaborations so feel free to send her an e-mail at cristina.amp@gmail.com or call her at +31 623 855 925