• CoCRoACH

    CoCrOACH is based on collective intelligence. In every competition a big amount of valuable information input and work is being produced, which is finally excluded, because the awarded proposals are limited and the rest is not used. Each winning entry is a product of one single line of work effort; everybody else’s work has been done in vain and ultimately is being lost. We propose a structure that enables all contributions to come together and gain from their interaction. The idea-to-product process is broken down in interrelated steps building upon each other. One’s idea can continue in further steps and be developed also by others. Participants can enter and also drop out at any step. Contributing on various levels, they can continue on their own ideas or develop others’. The jury has an advisory and mediating role during the process, steering the work flow to the desired direction. Invited experts, the commissioner and end-users can be involved at specific steps. This multilayered process guarantees a more sophisticated elaboration level and higher design quality of the proposals. Creative collaboration as a competition strategy can trigger an explosion of  inspiring ideas. (Honorable mention at "Future of Competitions" competition, organised by Conditions Magazine, in collaboration with Teresa Papachristou, 2011)